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1:00 pm

Bill DeMott & Friends - 96 W 7th

A capella singing and musical performances of originals

and popular songs from the 70’s to now.


DAMDOG - 73 W Schuyler

Acoustic blues and jazz from the 1930’s & 40's as well as

original music, from the NY Blues Archive Hall of Famers.


Dave Domicolo - 49 W Seneca

Acoustic classic rock and oldies with some originals

Emalee Herrington - 65 W 3rd

Young singer/songwriter with a powerhouse voice,

performs originals and covers of country, blues and classics.


Jeff Sawyer & Rick Bush - 50 W 4th

Duo sings and performs jazz to folk to rock on piano, guitar and harmonica.


John McConnell - 71 W 5th

Performing originals and covers sung in his distinctive soulful voice

and performed on guitar in his unique finger-style technique,

John blends elements of blues, jazz, soul, folk and beyond.


Mooney & Friends - 33 W 5t /to 4pm

A gathering of accomplished musicians from the the vibrant Oswego

music community, exploring blues and traditional jam music


Oswego Valley Snowbelters - 60 W 6th

Singing new as well as classic Barbershop music,

in both four part harmony and in chorus.


Ranjit Dighe - 80 W 5th

Acoustic eclectic - Indie and classic rock, country, folk and pop.


Wheelwright – 91 W Van Buren

This trio brings a diverse range of musical styles and flavor

to its original songs, drawing on blues, folk, Americana, jazz, swing, and Celtic.

Steven Watson (gui/voc), Jeffrey Davis (upright bass/gui/voc)

and Billy Alnutt (drums/perc/voc).


2:00 pm

8th & Lake - 51 W 5th

Eclectic blend of classic, country and modern covers,

from the Moody Blues to Led Zeppelin.

Dick Drake, (gui,voc) Denise Knight (keys,flute).


Clyde Barrow - 68 W 4th

Originals and covers of classics by Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison,

Elvis, Paul Simon and more, on guitar and harmonica


CNY Alphorns - Franklin Park @ W 5th & Seneca

Ensemble of six authentic 13’-long Alphorns, performing traditional Swiss music,

attired in traditional decorative outfits!


Jack & Faye Duo – 55 W 6th

The Beckwiths sing old & new Country, Pop, Island, Ballads,

Gospel and Rock & Roll, performed on a variety of instruments


Marc Warner – 46 W Cayuga

Dos Locos and Predators member, Marc performs covers of Prine, Hiatt, Young and more.


Michael and Anita Shiel - 104 W 5th

Folk music on acoustic guitar.


Mooney & Friends - 33 W 5th / to 4pm

(see 1pm)

Natahley Torrese - 73 W 6th

Singer/songwriter, Natahley performs on acoustic guitar.


On the Brink - 91 W Van Buren

A wide variety of music for all to enjoy!


Ryan Berrus – 104 W Van Buren

Country music.

The STEMheads - 54 W 5th

Classic rock from the 50s to today


Steve Pfanenstiel - 84 W Seneca

Acoustic folk and pop, influences Gordon Lightfoot and John Denver.


Stop Thinking – 71 W 5th

High-energy rock, jazz and blues, featuring Dick Bills/bass, Joe O'Neil drums,

Tim Pauldine/gui and Dave Sargent/sax.

Guests Josh Russell and John McConnell

3:00 pm

Alli Kerr – 60 W Cayuga

Young up-and-coming artist who re-invents today's pop music hits,

reconstructing them on guitar and delivering them in her distinctive, raspy voice.


Avalon - 40 W Cayuga

Acoustic duo Michael Judge and Juliet Forshaw

perform their original musical fables,


Cam Caruso - 80 W 5th

Acoustic renditions of popular music

from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


FullSail - 53 W Seneca

Acoustic duo play flavored classic rock from 60’s to 80's


Mooney & Friends - 33 W 5th

(see 1pm)

Randy McMillen & Friends - 91 W Van Buren
Folk music jam band


The-a-tre du Jour -

Montcalm Park @ W 6th & Schuyler

A preview of the current touring production of The Hilarious Hillbilly Massacre, an interactive murder mystery by Peter DePietro, directed by Jenn Snow.


3:30 pm

Always The Same - 49 W 5th

Singer/songwriter Greg Tryon-Rosplock performs acoustic originals, inspired by City and Colour, Noah Gunderson, Sufjan Stevens, and William Fitzsimmons.

4:00 pm

Andy Myers & Chris Trapasso - 70 W 3rd

Two distinct-sounding vocalists offer originals and covers,

drawing from rock to soul to modern Americana,


Argentine Tango – 84 W Seneca

Baritone Milton Loayza sings a standard repertory of authentic tangos,

with tracks from his album, Se Ha Mezclao la Vida (Tangos),

which was recorded in Buenos Aires in 2015.


Doc Apple – 91 W Van Buren

All original psychedelic rock!

Gina Holsopple - 40 W Cayuga

SAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter performs

her inspiring and lyrical music on acoustic guitar.

The Hellfish – 9 W 6th

3-piece original pop and bar rock band delivers catchy lyrics and good vibes.


Native Immigrants - 33 W 5th

Alvaro and Casey, playing Native American flute and drum,

create a delicate balance of love and grooves,

reconnecting listeners with the natural world.

O-ryon - 69 W 5th

Duo Bryan Dickenson & Ron Kadey performing acoustic covers of your
favorite classic rock, folk, blues, & country tunes, as well as some originals.


Oswego Opera Theater – 77 W 5th

Flute Ensemble, directed by Barbara Hildreth-Bridgers.
Angela Russell, vocalist.

Paul Vandish – 73 W 6th

A broad mix of songs, including classics, oldies, standards and contemporary,

performed on keyboard.

Rich Hart - 50 W 4th

Local singer/songwriter, Rich is a veteran of the club and open mic scene,

playing original songs on acoustic guitar.

Train Wreck - 55 W 6th

Eclectic blues, folk and rock on acoustic guitar and harmonica,

from Ray Charles to the BeeGees, Duke Ellington to J Giels.

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