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St. Mary's Church at 103 West 7th, at Cayuga

Tours of the church and demonstrations of the Pipe Organ (manufactured by Casavant Fréres Ltée in 1925 as their Opus 1071), every half hour from 1 to 5 pm


--------------------- 1pm ---------------------


Davis Bros.

91 W Van Buren –to 4pm

Playing Folk, Americana, originals and covers, with solid strings and vibrant vocal harmonies.
Featuring guest Steve Watson.


Domicolo-Barlow Band

49 W Seneca

Acoustic classic rock


John McConnell

71 W 5th

Oswego-based solo musician performing covers and originals, highlighted by John's trademark rhythmic guitar style and his own brand of "Lounge Rock" combining elements of blues, jazz, folk and funk.



70 W 3rd -to 3pm

Acoustic classic rock from 60's to present


Marc Warner
25 W 5th

Core member of Acoustic Justice playing a fresh mix of originals and classic John Prine and John Hiatt.

Oswego Valley Snowbelters Barbershop Chorus

53 W Seneca

Singing new as well as classic Barbershop music, in both four part harmony and in chorus.


Ranjit Dighe

80 W 5th

Eclectic mix of classic and indie rock, country, folk and pop, covering the Stones, Replacements, Big Star, Gram Parsons, John Prine, Merle Haggard and more.


The-a-tre du Jour

Montcalm Park (W 6th & Schuyler) –to 3pm

"The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged"

“A madcap condensation that features nonstop laughs. Done at a whirlwind pace and with great delight, they are sure to win over even the most skeptical.” —Daily Variety)


-------------------- 2pm ---------------------


Bill DeMott & Friends

96 W 7th

A capella singing and musical performances of originals and popular songs from 70's on. Performances by Bill and his son(s), with some talented family/friends (and possible special guest!)


Bryan Dickenson

50 W 4th

Original songs and covers of a general easy listening style, such as John Denver, James Taylor, the Beatles, Dan Fogelberg and Jim Croce.


CNY Alphorn Ensemble
Franklin Park (W 5th & Seneca)

Ensemble of six authentic 13' Long Alphorns, performing traditional Swiss music in full harmony, attired in traditional decorative outfits!


Davis Bros.
91 W Van Buren –to 4pm

(see 1pm)


70 W 3rd

(see 1pm)


Gary Carpentier
40 W Cayuga

Acoustic guitar originals and covers ranging from Sam Cooke to Ed Sheeran. Gary made it through to the final audition round on Season 6 of NBC's "The Voice."


Greg Rosplock

49 W 5th

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter performing songs with an introspective look at the things we all face everyday.  Has hosted Oswego Music Hall open mic and performed for the "On the Porch Radio Hour" variety show.


Michael and Anita Shiel

104 W 5th

Country, folk and more, on Acoustic guitar.

Natahley Torrese

73 W 6th

19 year old singer/songwriter and SUNY Oswego Psych major,  Natahley is a regular performer on acoustic guitar at Old City Hall's Tuesday open mic.


25 W 5th  -2:30 to 4pm

Carrying on the tradition of organic jam music!


The-a-tre du Jour

Montcalm Park (W 6th & Schuyler) 1-3pm

(see 1pm)


 --------------------- 3pm ---------------------


8th & Lake
51 W 5th

Eclectic blend of classic, country and modern covers, from John Denver to the Moody Blues, Neil Young to Led Zeppelin. Dick Drake, vocals and guitar; Denise Knight, keyboard and flute.


Cam Caruso

80 W 5th

Music from yesterday (Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Billy Joel), today (Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Adele), and tomorrow (James Bay, George Ezra, Jamie Lawson), performed on acoustic guitar.


Canfield Twins

53 W Seneca

Piano and violin performances.



73 W Schuyler -to 5pm

Acoustic blues, 1930's jazz & original music from the NY Blues Archive Hall of Famers!


Dan Dillon

40 W Cayuga

Dan is a young, upcoming local artist. From Johnny Cash to Hank Williams, his music is sure to bring back great memories of classic country hits.


Davis Bros.
91 W Van Buren

(see 1pm)


Michael Judge/Juliet Forshaw
119 W 5th

Acoustic duo performing songs that recount classic tales of love and fate, with a twist.


Nicholas Cocks & Friends
65 W 3rd

A drama performance.


"On The Porch Radio Hour" Podcast
73 W 6th

A YouTube show in the style of a radio variety show., highlighting art, music, theater and other events in  the Central New York area through stories, interviews, theatrical shorts and music.



25 W 5th

(see 2pm)

Steve Pfanenstiel

51 W  Seneca (on 4th)

Acoustic folk and pop


Train Wreck Prophet

84 W Seneca

Eclectic blues, folk and rock on acoustic guitar and harmonica. Bee Gees to Ray Charles, J. Geils to Duke Ellington


------------------ 4pm -------------------


American English

104 W Van Buren

Acoustic rock, covering the Beatles to Death Cab for Cutie, U2 to Ed Sheeran.

"Bacchae", a Greek Tragedy

120 W 5th, at Cayuga St. (Church of the Resurrection)

A Gorilla Rep production of "The Bacchae", fresh from its summer NYC run in Central Park. 


73 W Schuyler

(see 3pm)


Emalee Herrington

49 W 5th

Young vocalist with a powerhouse voice, covering genres from Etta James to the Captain and Tennille to the Dixie Chicks!



70 W 3rd

(see 1pm)


Gina Holsopple & Matthew Wood

73 W 6th

Playing Americana and Folk, featuring original songs with lyrics that encompass the personal activism

Mooney & Friends
25 W 5th

A gathering of accomplished musicians from the the vibrant Oswego music community exploring blues and traditional jam music.

Native Immigrants

57 W 4th

Alvaro and Casey, playing Native American Flute and Drum, create a delicate balance of love and grooves, reconnecting listeners with the natural world.

Oswego Opera Theater

77 W 5th St

Performances by a number of Opera Singers  as well as a fund-raiser for The Oswego Opera Theater featuring BBQ Chicken and/or Pulled Pork Sandwiches (food provided by Lighthouse Lanes).

Rich Hart

50 W 4th

A singer/songwriter from Oswego, Rich is a veteran of the open mic scene, playing original songs on acoustic guitar.

Sophie Woods

40 W Cayuga

Blues and rock songs, especially from the 60's and 70's (Zeppelin, Stones, SRV, Heart, Joan Jett, ...)  performed on acoustic guitar with plenty of energy and style!

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