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1pm - Domicolo-Barlow Band

Acoustic rock

1pm - Drake-Knight Duo

Eclectic blend of classic, country and modern covers

Dick Drake vocals and guitar, Denise Knight keyboard and flute.

1pm - Jim Farfaglia, Gina Holsopple, Matthew Wood

A blend of Jim's poetry, which speaks to his love of 60s and early '70s pop music, and Gina and Matthew's accompaniment of cover versions of some of those great songs.

1pm - Oswego Recorder Consort

A quartet (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) from SUNY Oswego

performing classical baroque and renaissance recorder music.

1pm - The Shambles

This Binghamton-based 6-piece group, featuring guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, melodica, harmonica, tin whistle, percussion and bagpipes, performs Celtic and American folk/rock.


2pm - Bryan Dickenson

Performs original songs and covers of a general easy listening style, such as John Denver, James Taylor, the Beatles, Dan Fogelburg and Jim Croce.

2pm - Cam Caruso

Acoustic pop, from the 1950's to current.

2pm - Concinnity

Women's vocal ensemble performing a variety of musical styles, from classical to contemporary, featuring Renaissance madrigals and Broadway show tunes.

2pm - DAMDOG

Acoustic blues, 1930's jazz & original music.

Recently inducted to the NY Blues Archive Hall of Fame.

2pm - Gina Holsopple & Matthew Woods

Playing Americana and Folk, featuring original songs with lyrics that encompass

the personal and social activism.

2pm - Jeff Sawyer

Solo piano. Pianist, keyboard player and composer Jeff Sawyer has been a staple on the upstate New York music scene for years with numerous recording sessions and appearances as well as a keyboardist for various pop and country acts.

2pm - Jim Shaffer

Acoustic Americana, Folk, Country and originals music,

including covers of Dylan, Springsteen, John Prine and more.

2pm - Mike Joseph

Upbeat Rochester-area solo performer playing original and cover songs.

2pm - Oswego Valley Snowbelters Barbershop Chorus and Q-tet

Singing new as well as classic Barbershop music, in both four part harmony and in chorus.


3pm - Gary Carpentier and Sean Languein

Great songs and fine singin' and guitar playin'

3pm - John McConnell

Oswego-based solo musician performing covers and originals, highlighted by John's trademark rhythmic guitar style and his own brand of "Lounge Rock" which combines elements of blues, jazz, folk and funk.

3pm - Karen Reynolds and Patty Tyrie

Book reading for children

3pm - Mike and Anita Shiel

Acoustic guitar, country, folk and more.

3pm - Ranjit Dighe & Mike Brannan

Acoustic eclectic - Indie and classic rock, country, folk and pop.

3pm - Ruddy Well Band

The 2014 Sammy Award Winner for Best Americana and People's Choice, delivering dynamic rhythms, tight harmonies, and mindful lyrics.

3pm - Sophie Woods

Performing acoustic blues and rock songs, especially from the 60's and 70's,

Sophie covers artists such as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Heart and Joan Jett with plenty of energy and style.


4pm - Acoustic Chaos

Classic Rock and modern Country.

4pm - Don Baragiano and Hejira

Hejira is a musical/cultural bridge between Middle Eastern & Western music. It's High Energy, World Jazz music w/ethnic threads & open chords

4pm - Rich Hart

Original songs, acoustic guitar

4pm - Ronda Helene

Singing Vintage Country & Mix, with acoustic guitar.

4pm - The Dented

Offering classic rock, acoustic and electric faves from the 70s through the 90s.


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