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After Six Quintet - 42 Montcalm
American songbook Jazz and modern Blues music for your listening pleasure.
Cushman & Seubert - 65 W 3rd

Jazz, R&B, Folk and classic Rock from a guitar and keyboard duo.

ElizabethJules - 53 W Seneca
Multi-instrumentalist, Julie Clement performs Folk, Blues, Rock, Jazz,
and some Celtic and Italian too!

Kyle Austin - 25 W 5th ('til 1:15pm)
"Hand-picked" caterwaulin' covers!

Mike Place - 46 W 3rd
Mike will be on keyboards and guitar, singing our favorites!

Taylor Moody - 19 W 5th
Acoustic/electric performances of mainly originals, some covers.
Taylor released his first CD in 2021
Tim Deaver's Acoustic Music - 8 W 2nd @Gibby's
Classic Country and Rock tunes.
Winfield Ihlow - 96 W 7th

A relative newcomer to the open mic scene,
Winfield chooses songs with interesting lyrics,
offering them up with a straightforward guitar style
and a voice he believes makes Tom Waits sound like a songbird!


Alan Lynch - 103 W 7th @St. Mary's Church

An accomplished member of the American Guild of Organists, Alan,
known for his passionate and intricate playing style,
will be "pulling out all the stops" on the Casavant Frères Organ.
Andrew Mextorf - 53 W 5th

Acoustic covers of songs from the 90's on,
ranging from Eye of the Tiger to Post Malone.

Brian Taylor - 15 W 6th
An acoustic guitar performance of Contemporary Christian Music.
DAMDOG - 37 W 6th
Authentic acoustic blues and jazz from the 1920’s, 30's and 40's as well as

original music, from the NY Blues Archive Hall of Famers.

Domicolo-Barlow Band - 49 W Seneca
Acoustic classic rock and oldie “FeelGood” music from the 50's-thru to today.

Emalee Herrington - 60 W Seneca

A 19 year old country artist and Porchfest veteran
who loves to share her original music!

Joel Meeks - 48 W 8th
Flamenco, electric blues and experimental song writing.

John McConnell - 71 W 5th
Jazzy, Bluesy, Folksy, Funky, Solo, Indie, Lounge..


Marshall Brothers - 25 W 5th (1:30 – 3:00pm)
Guitar duo Roy and Andrew play blues rock, with plenty of improvisation and slide. Influences are Allmans, Meters, Black Crowes.
There'll be friends sittin' in too.

Mike & Anita Shiel - 104 W 5th
Folk music on acoustic guitar.

On the Porch - 70 W Van Buren
Meg Bolton and Jim Shaffer perform their original songs and Americana musings, including covers of Dylan, Springsteen, Prine and more.
Ranjit & Antonia - 80 W 5th
Acoustic eclectic: Indie, classic rock, country, folk and pop.
Rich Hart - 50 W 4th
Acoustic covers of classic rock and oldies, as well as original tunes.

Ron Hurne & Jeff Sawyer - 76 W Seneca
Ron and Jeff team up this year to play
a wide variety of acoustic folk, rock, country, and jazz.

Shashi Kanbur - 84 W Seneca
Jazz/Blues/American Song Book standards played on saxophone to backing tracks.
Tim Nekritz - 39 W 4th
Singer/songwriter/bassist playing originals and songs from the 1920s to 2020s,
with the occasional historical tale sprinkled in.
Two to Go - 23 W Seneca @ Stone's Candies ('til 4pm)
John Crannell and Ron McManus play classic rock.
William DeMott - 96 W 7th
A cappella original and cover songs, poetry and storytelling.



1 Night Stand - 8 W 2nd @Gibby's ('til 3:30)

Guitar and drum duo playin' rock, country & classic fun tunes!

Anybody's Guess - 65 W 3rd
Jack and Faye play hot covers and originals on keys & guitar,
featuring tight vocals and lively rhythms.
Cam Caruso - 80 W 5th
Acoustic pop, rock, and folk from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
CNY Alphorns - Franklin Square
Attired in classic alpine outfits, this ensemble performs traditional Swiss music on authentic wooden Alphorns.
Questions are most welcome and you can even try one out!
A Porchfest tradition.

Dick Drake - 51 W 5th ('til 4pm)

Diverse blend of classic, country and modern covers,
from John Denver to the Moody Blues to Led Zeppelin.
Double V's - 42 Montcalm
Keyboardist/vocalist Paul Vandish and drummer John “the Valch” Bletch
perform a unique blend of classic oldies, standards and contemporary tunes.

J. Schnitt - 67 W Schuyler

Singer/songwriter “one-man band”
utilizing foot percussion, harmonica, and multiple guitar lines.

Royals - 91 W Van Buren
Acoustic duo Scott DeVinny and Lou Norris play classic rock, country,
90’s grunge and more, as well as some of Scott's Doc Apple originals.

Two to Go - 23 W Seneca @ Stone's Candies ('til 4pm)
(See 1pm)
Zach Blaszak - 96 W 7th
Classic rock, alternative and pop from over the years,
as well as original music on acoustic.



Avalon - 19 W 5th @3:15pm

Acoustic duo Michael Judge and Juliet Forshaw perform their original musical fables, blending folk, classical, and musical theater styles.

Bob Early - 15 W 6th
Singer/guitarist covering 60s and 70s artists like Neil Young and the Beatles,
as well as some traditional blues and folk songs, and doing a few originals.

Danielle & Danny - 98 W 5th

An acoustic father-daughter duo who have the most fun
with just a guitar, a mic, and some cover music everyone will know and love!

Dick Drake - 51 W 5th

(See 2pm).

Emily Blake - 91 W Van Buren
Young acoustic guitarist/singer, doing covers of Indie, Blues and Rock.

Frank Tyrrell - 48 W 8th

A variety of Country, 50-60's and Pop music sung to acoustic guitar.

FullSail - 53 W Seneca ('til 5pm)
Acoustic Classic Rock, Country and Americana
from the 1960’s on from the veteran duo.

Greg Rosplock - 61 W Seneca

Acoustic Singer-Songwriter playing mostly original music
with a dash of obscure covers. Veteran Porchfester.

Jimi Marley Project - 76 W Seneca

Reggae-Rock, with some originals.

LADY SHOW - 40 W Cayuga

A rollicking all-female revue featuring Kt Donovan on violin/vocals
and Sarah Galvin on guitar/theatrics.

Manila - 107 W Van Buren

Manila is an eclectic act that takes elements from jazz, R&B, pop, and hip-hop, combining the groove of percussion, the colors of keys,
and the riffs of guitars into their own signature sound.
Robb Lee - 19 W 5th

Delivering comedy based on life, army, and retail experience,
Robb will warm up Avalon.

Stop Thinking - 71 W 5th
High-energy rock, jazz and blues from artists
ranging from Stevie Wonder to Talking Heads to David Sanborn.
Dick Bills/bass, Joe O'Neill drums/voc, Tim Pauldine/guitar, and Dave Sargent/sax.

Two to Go - 23 W Seneca @ Stone's Candies
(See 1pm)


Angela Russell - 77 W 5th
Acoustic covers of indie, pop and rock music,
as well as some original singer/songwriter tunes.

Conrad & Co – Franklin Square @ Robert's truck

A fun and energetic mix of music from all generations, done with their own twist.

Dust Creatures - 42 Montcalm
Erik Mosher/guitar/voc, Chris Wahl/keys/voc/trombone, Josh Mumm/guitar and Emil Christmann/bass bring original sweet & savory ballads
nurtured in their homegrown funk,

FullSail - 53 W Seneca
(See 3pm)

Hellfish - 60 W Seneca

Garage/bar band rock, originals, classic rock.

Jim Wallace - 67 W Schuyler

Mixture of high energy country, folk, bluegrass and rock, both original and cover.

Marjorie - 39 W 5th

Guitar and vocal Country and Pop.

Mike Shiel - 8 W 2nd @Gibby's

Myriad guitar effects and layers, it's energetic rock 'n folk 'n roll music!

Randy McMillen - 91 W Van Buren
Acoustic folk rock and Americana, both originals and covers.
Revival - 84 W Seneca

Three teens (Liam Green, Braeden Frost, Evan Standish) bringing back live music with a classic rock sound to their generation and community.



Brent Wansink – 50 W 4th
Eclectic and ironic acoustic covers of everything from Bluegrass to Metal.
Cool Kids - 91 W Van Buren

Wide-ranging Country, Blues, Folk and Rock featuring the lessor known
and rarely performed. Fun and unpredictable!

Dave Read's poems - 60 W Cayuga

Dave will perform a suite of poems that describe his early years in Oswego.

Good Gorgeous - 46 W Cayuga

Vibe central indie rock, combining influences from pop, hip-hop, r&b, and folk.

Indigo Sunrise - 80 W 5th

Acoustic duo, performing original folk with a southern blues influence.
Kathmandu - 15 W 6th

Enjoy a fun jam with Kat Rushmore and her musical friends!
Playing Rock, Blues, and more.

Liberty Street Survivors - 47 W Seneca

Indie Folk, Rock and Bluegrass from this local 3-piece group.
Rose and the Amateurs - 96 W 7th
Interpretations of singer-songwriters such as Dylan,
Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young,
offered up by Rose Throop (voc, harmonica), Ron Throop (voc, guitar)
and Michael Flanagan (voc, guitar,other)
Son Henry - 98 W 5th
Solo acoustic lap-style guitar and vocal, original songs and re-evaluated covers
by Rochester's Karl ‘Son’ Henry Mann.

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