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In planning last year's Oswego PorchFest we ran out of performance areas (Porches, Lawns, Driveways). This resulted in some homes hosting 2 or 3 acts for the day.

If you live in the Franklin/West and Montcalm Parks neighborhoods PLEASE consider hosting one of the performers for this year's Oswego PorchFest. Sunday September 17 / 12-6pm

It doesn't cost you anything other than about 1 hour out of your day and it adds so much to this FREE wonderful community event.

And remember it does not have to be a porch. It can be a driveway, lawn, stairs or any other area that could be used by the artists to perform in.

To sign up simply click on the tab at the top of this page "I have a Porch" and fill out and submit the simple form. We will contact you.

Oswego PorchFest 8 Making A Major Change

As planning for Oswego PorchFest 8 is underway there will be a major change in this year’s event.

Oswego PoechFest 8 will be limited to 70 Musical Acts.(last year there were over 80 Acts) Limiting the event to 70 acts will allow for better scheduling with less chance of conflict and/or overlapping. The Committee believes it will create a better overall event.

Acts will be taken first registered, first scheduled basis. This change makes it more important than ever for anyone wanting to perform to sign up early. Once 70 Acts sign up registration for Oswego PorchFest 8 will be closed.

Even if you have registered in the past, you must reregister each year. You register by visiting the website and clicking on the upper tab that says “I have a band/act”. Follow the simple instructions and submit your registration form. You will get confirmation that OPF has received your registration. Closer to the event you will receive your time slot and porch location.

To register you can also simply click on this link;

Oswego PorchFest 8 is Sunday Sept. 17 / 12-6PM in and around Oswego’s Historic Westside Neighborhoods of West/Franklin and Montcalm Parks.


For additional information follow us on FaceBook or visit the website;

A Taste of Oswego PorchFest...

A look back at Oswego PorchFest 5 at the sights, sounds, and the people who have made Owego PorchFest the success it has become. 

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